Vocabulary Boot Camp B1/B2
Boost your Vocabulary

Learn words in a fun, playful way through different, engaging activities. Building on her experience in creating memorable advertising, the teacher of this course will help you boost your English vocabulary in a way that sticks. Covering 2 topics per session, you’ll expand your vocabulary with about 300-500 words in just a couple weeks.
This course requires at least a strong level of B1 English knowledge.
1) Topics:
- Describing yourself and others
- Studying, school or Work (depending on the participants)
2) Topics:
- Nutrition, cooking (Food, fruits, veggies, restaurants)
- Free time activities, Sports
3) Topics:
- Travel
- Culture, Media, Current buzzwords in News
4) Topics:
- Illness, basic medical vocabulary
- Miscellaneous (chosen by participants)

Material: Printouts (a list of 500 words, exercises), quizlet.com cards, games designed by teacher such as cards, board games, memory games and other visual help to enhance learning new words.

4 Abende, 23.04.2020, - 14.05.2020,
Donnerstag, wöchentlich, 18:00 - 20:00 Uhr
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